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About Us
Adroit Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC is a leading medical-legal company dedicated to justice in healthcare. With expert knowledge in medical, nursing, and healthcare related issues, we improve case strategy and provide cost-effective services. Our extensive experience allows us to identify negligence and offer full-service legal nurse consulting to plaintiff and defense firms. Specializing in various nursing fields, case management, and claim argument appeals, we deliver comprehensive and meticulous healthcare expertise.
What we focus on as a company
We improve case strategy, have expertise in our field, and are cost effective solutions for lawyers
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Our Story
Adroit Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC is a reputable and comprehensive medical-legal company dedicated to advocating for justice within the healthcare industry. With a firm commitment to uncovering the truth, Adroit combines expert knowledge of medical, nursing, and healthcare-related issues. The highly trained professionals at Adroit specialize in improving case strategy, providing cost-effective solutions, and leveraging their expertise to serve clients in need of medical-legal services.

Adroit LNC
Legal Nurse Consultant

Wendy Rice, RN, BSN, CCM, LNC Owner of Adroit LNC and a legal nurse consultant
Wendy J. Rice, RN, BSN, CCM, LNC, is a highly experienced registered nurse with over 30 years of dedicated service in various healthcare settings. Her expertise spans a wide range of areas, including acute care medical-surgical nursing, cardiac catheterization, school nursing, clinic nursing, and case management. With over 20 years of certification as a case manager, Wendy has developed exceptional skills in effectively managing and coordinating patient care.  In addition to her extensive background, Wendy has a proven track record in successfully advocating for patients by arguing claim appeals. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise in medical record review and analysis make her an invaluable resource in ensuring accurate and comprehensive legal nurse consulting services.
Meet Wendy
Areas of Expertise
History of areas of expertise in case management and coordination, medical appeals and review, acute care nursing, and managed care and insurance
Proud member of AALNC American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
Member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses
Board Certified Case Manager, CCM
Contact Details Adroit Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC Land O' Lakes, FL  (813) 566-0041 Fax: (813) 358-3415
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